Streets of Shoreline (S.O.S.) - D20 Modern

Entering the WADE Bank

The lobby of the WADE Bank is buzzing. Two men entered in through the front door after the security system was disabled temporarily. The remains of their fire fight with Napalm still evident just beyond the bulletproof glass doors. What remains of a van and a few parked cars blast smoke and flames into the air and do little to mask the horrific sight of gang violence. These two men that entered the building look worse than the carnage outside.

The first wears the remains of a tattered old business suit, and although it looks as if it was tailored to his body at one point, it now looks to be mostly in shambles. His hair is jet black and knotted in log dreadelocks and his beard is heading in the same path. His skin is of a brown complexion but it is tattered with soot from the car fire. He carries a rifle and a backpack. Alongside him, a cowboy dressed in all black with twin revolvers hunches over, too stubborn to let the beareded man assist him with walking despite being barely able to move on his own. He is severely wounded with a fresh opening on his leather duster's chest area. There is blood all over his face, and you're not sure if it's all his.

The hush of the room is quickly silenced as a sharp dressed black man enters the room. His suit, not a bit tarnished has one out of place accessory: a combat shotgun with a bullet strap hanging around his shoulders. His hand is prepped near the trigger as he begins to speak. 

"Who authorized letting in more civilians?!" The man sternly shouts to the crowd. There are a few other survivors here, scattered throughout the room. They all seem uneasy at best. 

"I did", says another man. He is older, weathered, and wears a green maintenance jumpsuit with the name, 'Carl' on the patch. "They just killed an entire squad of Napalm members trying to get in here. At the very least, I figured we owed them shelter until they recovered."

"WE don't owe anybody SHIT." Replies the suited up man. "Not in this world, nor the next. But since they're already here what the hell? You guys look like shit. What brings you to my bank?"

The party begins to explain that they came to the bank seeking shelter, and that there were other survivors (including John Fitzgerald) that would be coming to this place as well in three days. 

An argument begins to break out between Devin (the sharp-dressed black man) and Carl the custodian about letting people in, and how supplies are low as it is. A debate begins on if it would be best to stay and reinforce the bank, or to cut losses and leave it to the Napalm gang. Devin proclaims he will never leave the bank, as it is his 'brother's' bank. Carl insists that there's nothing left in District 6 to make it worth staying, but the money in the vault would provide them with a new life outside of the district. Wilson interjects and states that he and Wheaton will work on providing supplies and things like that in exchange for shelter. To test their loyalty, Devin gives them a mission. 

"The upstairs level of this bank is swarming with ferals. This prevents me from getting to supplies from before the Zero Hour, as well as the vault. If you can clear out the top area of ferals and come back down here, we'll discuss a plan for supplies. If you can both clear out the ferals, and provide enough supplies for this bank I will personally open the vault and give you and your party a share of the money for you to leave this bank." 

Two survivors offer their assistance to Wheaton and Wilson. One, a pyromaniac woman with medicinal skills pulls Wilson aside to stitch him up while the other is a larger bald man with a scruffy beard. He is strangely dressed in a bathrobe and loose clothes. The man is introduced as Jim, or "Jimbo" and he is equipped with a large sword. The woman's name is Jen, but her weaponry is easier to conceal. 

After taking some time to recover, the party heads to the elevator, as the staircase is barricaded with ferals lashing and continuously pushing at the doors from the other side. Using a key given from Devon, the party makes it to the upper floor. The doors slide open to reveal smears of blood on the walls before them and furniture all in disaray. The lights flicker slightly, giving an eerie ambiance as the party steps out of the elevator. Hearing snarls in the distance, the party hesitates to move forward, debating on the best course of action.

After a bit of awkward teamwork, the party began to come together. They searched all of the rooms one at a time, finding nothing but death (or undead) along the way. Jen proved to be incredibly useful as she unlocked multiple desk drawers, and the party discovered handguns, ammo, drugs, you name it. Jim gave a solid kick to an office door that knocked it clean from the hinges and toppled a feral down to the floor for an easy finish. He also stood toe to toe with a "bloater" feral, and when the ferals were all destroyed, he stood in the center of the room coated in crimson and flesh. Wheaton spent time out of combat searching through computers for spare parts and any information he could find. He tried to share some of his discoveries, but his words fell on deaf ears amongst the party. Wilson continued to prove to be an expert shot, taking out several of the ferals with explosive headshots.

With the main lobby clear of ferals, there were three rooms left: Devon Wade's private office, the Armory, and the Vault.  

The party opened up Devon's private office, and revealed two scantily clad female ferals, clearly escorts prior to the Zero Hour. Thinking quickly, Wilson tossed a molitov cocktail into the office, and within seconds the sounds of shrieking ferals filled the room. Realizing that the fire could spread wildly throughout the building, the party entered the room and finished off the burning ferals. Inside the room were beverages, a hand gun, and a private stash of cocaine, a quarter pound worth, that Jim claimed and stuffed into his clothing. This action was a bit curious to some of the other party members.

In the aftermath, Jen spent 20 minutes trying to break the code on the electronic lock on the armory while Jim and Wilson took the hands off of every feral in an attempt to break the hand scanner sealing the vault. Although Jim and Wilson came up unsuccessful, Jen managed to break into the armory and the party divvied up an exceptional amount of weaponry. Some grabbed specific items while the rest was stuffed into a large duffel bag. The session ended with the party debating what to do with their new "loot".  



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