Streets of Shoreline (S.O.S.) - D20 Modern

Character Creation

New characters start at Level 3. Human-Only class, so each hero gets a +2 bonus to any Ability score during creation. Ability points are +20 in the Point Buy Calculator:

World: Players create level one characters who have a story leading up to the moment they all meet each other 3 months into the “apocalypse”. Players are allowed one “momento” to be always carried on person. This could be a photo, a toy, etc. as something that reminds them of the time before the apocalypse. And as long as they have that item, they start with one extra feat. Should they lose the item, the feat will be nullified.

Starting Gear:
               Weapon – Any Simple, Any Archaic (w/ proficiency Feat), Any Exotic w/ Specific Weapon Prof. All standard weapons, no bonuses.

               Armor – None

               Ammo – DM choose based on weapon choice.

               General Equipment (Table 4-10 pg 113). Go through each section of this table, and if your hero qualifies with the information below, he can obtain that many items from such category.

                              Bags & Boxes (1 Item), Clothing (standard outfit from before), Computers (Cellphone, 1 item), Surveillance Gear (Tech & Smart Only1), Professional (Dedicated, Charismatic, Fast 1), Survival (1, Strong/Tough +2), Weapon Accessories (none).


Bio: At this stage you must create your history of how you arrived at this moment as a survivor inside of the "WADE" Bank. 



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