The Zero Hour; the moment everything changed for thousands of people living in Shoreline, Michigan. All you can remember is that was when your entire world changed. White flashes of light illuminated the sky for miles as if Armageddon had been triggered overnight. The streets were plagued with chaos as a mysterious military group began apprehending several people, often with deadly force. Riots turned into anarchy. Anarchy turned into martial law. Martial law turned into hell on Earth.

You’ve done well enough to survive in this new world for a total of three weeks. This is quite an achievement, considering when the initial smoke cleared you found yourself within the confines of District 6. You have discovered that many men and women here have turned feral, as if their brain has been melted into a pure cannibalistic frenzy. You could call them zombies, but they haven’t been known to turn anyone into one of them. This is due to the fact that there are rarely enough remains after a pack of ferals catch you.  

Streets of Shoreline (S.O.S.) - D20 Modern

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