Cowboy dressed in black


A steampunk cos-player with long dirty blonde hair. He has advanced male pattern baldness, and keeps it parted to one side. (Joker from the Dark Knight except deeper balding v). Unshaven light straggly dark blonde, and half burnt beard (right side). He spins the chambers of his revolvers and spins the guns into his holsters. Dressed in mostly black. A version of Idris Elba’s Gunslinger.



A wealthy businessman who’s money couldn’t buy back the life of his wife. Only passing months before the events of district 6. He still wears his wedding ring, and carries various pictures in his wallet. His most valuable possession is the black alligator skin cowboy boots he was married in. Recently he has been hallucinating his dearly departed. At first he dismissed the images as imagination, but currently he has been indulging in conversion.


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